Our consultation portfolio comprises:

  • Personal consultation (call 044 384 80 10 for an appointment)
  • E-mail consultation
  • Consultation hotline 0900 104 004 (Fr. 2.15/min.)
  • Information on issues
  • Crisis intervention
  • Solution-focused short-term counselling
  • Longer-term psychotherapeutic support
  • Family and partner counselling
  • Helping people help themselves (self-help groups)

Addiction is an illness that not only affects the addict him/herself.

It also affects the addict's immediate environment, whether that be parents, siblings, relatives, partners, friends, colleagues at work, neighbours. All of us can be affected by the problems of addicts. But how can we free ourselves from this often downwards spiral?

We are pleased to offer you our support and share our experience of 40 years working with friends and relatives in the field of addiction. Questioning instead of blaming. Setting limits instead of controlling Easing the burden instead of staying quiet. Learning to cope with concerns without abandoning others.


Consultation of friends and relatives of people who are ill from addiction. What can we do for you? We won't abandon you. Get in touch.