It is often advisable to seek the services of a specialist. Our team of consultants are familiar with addiction illnesses and can observe the situation from a neutral perspective.

Our rates are determined by net income. Couple and family sessions are subject to a CHF30.00 surcharge (this does not apply if the couple are members).

Consultation sessions last 50 minutes. Should sessions last longer a proportional surcharge is levied.


A consultation session of 50 minutes costs:

Taxable income

up to Fr. 49'999.-
up to Fr. 79'999.-
above Fr. 80'000.-

ada-zh members

Fr.  50.-
Fr.  80.-
Fr. 110.-


Fr.  70.-
Fr. 100.-
Fr. 130.-

Consultation sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be invoiced, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


Consultation of friends and relatives of people who are ill from addiction. What can we do for you? We won't abandon you. Get in touch.